Naming/welcoming ceremonies

I would love to help you welcome a new arrival in to your family, or maybe even not so new. A welcoming ceremony is not just a great way to welcome a new addition to the family, but also to get all the family involved, to acknowledge a blended family and of bringing friends and family together to share in their love and wishes for the future.

I can create a bespoke ceremony that reflects what you as a family want to say. Maybe you would like to plant a tree, create a wishing tree or build a time capsule to be opened in the future.

A naming ceremony is a modern alternative to a religious christening but it can still allow space for your child’s guide parents or guardians to get involved and accept their role in your child’s life.  Other family members can be also participate in the ceremony, maybe older siblings, grandparents or even the family pet, it’s really up to you!

Get in touch if you would like to discuss creating a unique ceremony for your family.

Emer made us all feel really welcome and involved, there were so many lovely touches like a “wishing tree” where we could all leave our words of wisdom or wishes for the future.