Weddings/vow renewals

Your day, your way!

Planning your wedding can be such an exciting, but busy time. Whether you are just starting to think about your wedding, or you have had lots of ideas buzzing around your head for years, my job as your wedding celebrant is to take the stress out of your ceremony by designing one perfect for you.

There’s no cookie cutter ceremonies on my watch, I start every ceremony with a blank piece of paper to help you build a ceremony that reflects you as a couple and your story. In order to create a ceremony that’s unique as you, I will spend some time with you both (either in person or by video call) to hear your story as a couple, I will also send you questionnaires to complete seperately to get a little more detail.

One of the main ways of making your wedding your own is having a mini ceremony, usually after the wedding vows. This could be a traditional handfasting or jump the broom ceremony, or I can work with you to create a mini ceremony unique to you. Maybe you have special interests you would like to focus on, or people or pets you would like to include.  Perhaps your wedding is joining together different cultures or bringing two families together – whatever – we can play around with ideas, but you will always be in control and have the final say on everything.

If needed I can also help you find readings or help with your vows, or source anything needed for the mini ceremony.
Closer to the wedding I’ll check in on the colours for the wedding party to make sure that I don’t wear anything that clashes with the group, and while I’m not a wedding planner I will get to the venue with plenty of time on the day to ensure everything is how it should be for the ceremony.

In short I would like to help you make your wedding ceremony as unique and special as you are.

Vow Renewal

There are so many times you may want want to celebrate your continued love and commitment to one another – at a particular anniversary, milestone birthday, when the children are old enough to take part, or maybe just because it’s a Tuesday! Whatever the reason, I would love to help you create your ideal ceremony.

Maybe your original wedding ceremony was very traditional and you would like something more personal and bespoke, something that reflects you and who you are together. You can repeat the same vows from before or I can help you find new ones that reflect where you are in your lives now and how your vision of the future may have changed. We can also create a mini ceremony to include people who weren’t around to participate first time round, or were not given the opportunity to participate. Maybe you want to celebrate the people who have made your time together so special.

Thanks to Emer, both the planning of the ceremony and the day itself felt relaxed and stress-free. She provided the perfect balance of meaningful and light hearted content which put everyone at ease, and we had lots of compliments on the ceremony from the guests. We are grateful to have had such a wonderful celebrant.